Carpet Care

Spotless Floors: Elevate Your Carpet Care

At POC Corp, we understand that your floor is the foundation of your space. That's why we take a customized and systematic approach to carpet cleanliness. With innovative equipment, environmentally safe supplies, and top-notch technicians, we ensure thorough and effective carpet care services.

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Protect Your Investment

POC Corp offers customized carpet care solutions to preserve your commercial investment. Transparent pricing, innovative technology, and sustainable methods ensure you get exactly what you need for a clean and healthy environment. Trust us to maintain your carpets and create a welcoming atmosphere for all occupants.

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Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Customized Options for Your Carpet and Fabric Cleaning Needs
  • Transparent Pricing With No Surprises
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Safe Materials and Methods

Carpet Care Services

Discover our proven carpet care methods, designed to restore and maintain your carpets and fabrics effectively.

  • Dry Cleaning: Our non-liquid cleanser eliminates stubborn dirt, leaving your carpets clean with no drying time required.
  • Encapsulation: Unwanted dirt particles are removed as we "encapsulate" each fiber with a stain and dirt shield, significantly reducing drying time.
  • Deep Extraction: Using rotary cleaning bristles and/or a hose and wand, we remove dirt particles and restore heavily soiled, matted down, high-traffic areas.

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Experience the elevated cleaning protocols that ensure your facility maintains a higher level of health and safety than ever before.